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COVID Restriction Update;

Throughout the pandemic we have strived to support effective infection control practices to keep services we provide as safe as possible for all our and staff and people we provide care & support for and we will continue to do so going forward (as we always have). Our staff both out in field and operational have also worked tirelessly during the peak of the pandemic to provide support to all our customers and remain committed to providing the best care for the people they support. As you may be aware, Covid has been an incredibly difficult situation for us all to deal with and we have worked hard to keep our staff and customers safe.

With changes and guidance from Government coming into effect From the 19th July, nothing will change with our approaches to COVID.- Service user family, relatives and other present at carer visits will still need to respect our staff safety and follow the practice of Hands, Face, Space & still be required to wear a face covering and socially distance during carer visits. Care 2 U staff will continue to wear PPE - mask , gloves, aprons and face shields where required with hand hygiene to support effective infection prevention and control.

Visitors to our offices will also continue to be restricted (we can also facilitate meetings and appointments virtually via MS teams, Zoom & Google Meet). We do understand that this can be frustrating but guidance within health & care environments remain unchanged until we receive further advice it would be wrong to not take these precautions to protect everyone at this point in time.

We have come so far in trying to minimise the impact of Covid and we are sure you understand the need to keep our service as safe as possible for ALL service users, their family members and staff. We are sure you will agree, maintaining restrictions is a small price to pay so that we may continue to support our caring approaches in this regard in a safe and effective environment. Keeping our staff safe supports service operations allowing us to maintain effective and responsive care and support services.

Kindest Regards

Roger Bayliss
Registered Care Manager
Photo   WALSALL GOES INTO TIER 4 from 31 December.

REF- Published 26 November 2020
Last updated 31 December 2020 ó see all updates
From: Department of Health and Social Care

Tier 4: Stay at Home

Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton
Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent

Published 26 November 2020
Last updated 31 December 2020

FOR FURTHER UPDATES ON TIER RESTRICTIONS VISIT­guidance/­full-list-of-local-restriction-tiers-by-area#tier-4-stay-at-home

FOR INFORMATION ON THE NEW VIRUS VARIANT CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW­government/­news/­covid-19-sars-cov-2-information-about-the-new-virus-variant?utm_source=b9311705-d7b8-4353-a9de-b3f6b9362465&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications&utm_content=immediate&dm_i=1DVI,76A2F,KQ5U3Q,T229O,1

  Office Opening Times- Christmas Period 2020/2021

Monday 21st December 2020 9am-5pm
Tuesday 22nd December 2020 9am- 5pm
Wednesday 23rd December 2020 9am- 5pm
Thursday 24th December 2020 9am-1pm
Friday 25th December 2020 CLOSED

Monday 28th December 2020 9am-5pm
Tuesday 29th December 2020 9am- 5pm
Wednesday 30th December 2020 9am- 5pm
Thursday 31st December 2020 9am- 1pm
Friday 1st January 2021 CLOSED

Please note that our 24-Hour on call telephone will be in operation for EMERGENCIES ONLY and not queries on the days the office is closed.
Tel: 0333 456 0500

Social Services Emergency Number
Tel: 0300 555 2922
  Compliment received 1st July 2020.
Compliment received today from Mr H who said "my carers are an excellent pair and they do a brilliant job. You couldn't wish for a better pair."
  Compliment received 26th June 2020.
Compliment received today from the daughter of Mrs LW "we were very happy with the work of the carers sent. They were professional, pleasant to deal with and helpful. We would definitely come back to Care 2 U if care is required again."
  Compliment received 19th June 2020.
We received the following compliment today from Mr B: "Just a note to say how happy Mrs P is with the service and attention she is receiving from Care2U on the past few visits.
She is hoping, long may it continue."
  Compliment received 5th June 2020.
Compliment received 5th June 2020 from Mrs A's brother "he is very pleased with the support provided. He said that Mrs A has really improved since we started supporting her. She was in bed all the time and now she is getting up and getting dressed. He said that we are brilliant and he is very pleased."
  Compliment received 28th February 2020.

The following compliment was received on 28th February 2020 from Mrs H: "Care 2 U Ltd is so much better than the more expensive franchise agency mom used to have.
Mom is 91yrs old, partially sighted and almost deaf so life can be challenging.

We have been using Care 2 U Ltd for around 18 months, I only wish we'd found them earlier.She has her regular ladies (not an endless stream of new faces) who ensure that everything is clean, tidy and safe, they are kind and considerate and will always go above and beyond what is expected of them, this is a sign of good management and a happy workforce.

The ladies and the office staff are highly professional and were able to provide care at extremely short notice when I was let down. Couldn't be happier and can't recommend them highly enough."
  Compliment received 19th December 2019.
The following compliment was received from Mrs S of Park Hall: "I wish to thank Care2U staff for their help and support of my mothers care over the past year. It's been a difficult time with Momís heath fluctuating and her frustrations havenít always been easy for staff to work with.

I appreciate having open communication with the team leaders and feel I can raise issues with them.

I know there has been issues but when things are going right I also acknowledge good practice, therefore I would like to express my sincere thanks to our regular carer in particular for her patience and resilience with us. She works hard ,does tasks as we ask and is willing to listen without taking offence or attitude. She respects our home and treats Mom with kindness.

I have also had carpel tunnel surgery on my right hand so am limited with the tasks I regularly do for a short while. Our regular carer has been particularly kind. She offered to pick up any items I canít carry en-route, washed up after me and made me a drink, which I would normally do myself as I donít leave work for carers if I have created it.
She did over and above her role and I really do appreciated it. Thank you.

I would also like to thank other carer staff who regularly attend Mom as I know a familiar face keeps her happy!"
  Compliment received 4th December 2019
Compliment received on 4th December 2019 from Mrs F "I really appreciate your efforts and apart from the odd issue, the carers that visit mom give her an excellent quality of care and are always kind and courteous."
  Compliment received 13th September 2019.
The following compliment was received from one of our employees: ďI am really happy. I have developed a good relationship with other carers. I now have more than a fair balance with my rota. My team leader has been good at making this possible. I am very happy with Colett as team leader. She is very understanding and compassionate.Ē
  Compliment received 15th July 2019.
The following compliment was received from Mr P. of Caldmore: "Care 2 U have been the best company so far out of all of the companies that have cared for my mother. I had continuous calls from the other companies but Care 2 U have just got on with the job. My mother is very challenging and I am grateful for the support offered by Care 2 U. This is the only company that had stuck with my mother and handled her challenging behaviour successfully."
Photo   Care 2 U are recruiting.
Are you a compassionate individual who is up for a rewarding and challenging career? Would you like to work in social care? If the answer is yes, Care 2 U Limited are currently recruiting social care workers for Walsall and the surrounding areas. If you would like to apply, please give our office a call or fill out out online enquiry form.
  Compliment received 18th December 2018.
The following compliment has been received by Mrs O of Aldridge: "My husband has been under the care of Care 2 U carers for a year now. When the carers first came in, it was to assist with showering and dressing. Over time, my husband's condition has worsened and now we have two carers visiting four times a day. I wanted to let everyone know that the care and professional help we have received from the carers in Aldridge has been outstanding. These ladies have a real rapport with both of us, and now my husband is in "end of life" care, he is able to be in his own home - thanks to these wonderful carers. Thank you Care 2 U."
  Compliment received 14th December 2018.
The following compliment was received from Mr C of Dudley Fields: "firstly thank you for the additional help that you provided while I was away and the further care that was necessary following my sister's fall. I was assured that she was being looked after in my absence, which led to a stress-free break."
  Compliment received 17th September 2018.
The following compliment was received from Mrs O of Aldridge today: "Care 2 U continue their high standard of care - and my husband and I are very grateful. The carers now do very personal care for my husband and we are so glad that they do this in a caring, respectful and sensitive way - well done ladies!"
  Compliment received 16th September 2018.
The following compliment was received from Mr P in Bloxwich: "The care workers have always been very willing to help us in any way which they could, especially when we first came out of hospital, and we are very grateful for this. Please convey our thanks to them from my wife and me.Ē
  MacMillan Coffee Morning and Balloon Release.

We are hosting a balloon resease alongside our Macmillan coffee morning on 28th September 2018 at our offices. Balloons will be sold at £1 each and you will be able to attach a message, either for a loved one or just a message of support. All messages will be attached to a balloon and reseased in aid of all those suffering from or affected by cancer. 70% of all funds raised will be donated to MacMillan Cancer Support. If you would like to purchase a balloon, please message us or call our office on 01922 659637. We thank you for your continuing support.
  Council Tax Information from Independent Age.

Could you get a Council Tax reduction?

Council Tax has increased across most of England. Make sure you arenít paying more than you need to. You may be eligible for support, for example:

  • If youíre on Guarantee Pension Credit, you may get your Council Tax paid in full
  • If you're on a low income, you may be eligible for Council Tax Support from your council
  • If you live alone, youíre entitled to a 25% discount on your Council Tax bill
  • If your home has been adapted or is larger than it would otherwise be because someone with a disability lives there, you may get a reduction on your bill
  • If your home is empty, you may not have to pay Council Tax
  • If you live with someone on a low income who isnít your partner, you may be eligible for a discount on your bill called a Second Adult Rebate.
Read more about Council Tax Support and other discounts by visiting If you have any questions, you can call their Helpline on 0800 319 6789 and arrange to speak to one of their advisers. You can call the Helpline, Mon to Fri 8.30am to 6.30pm and Sat 9am to 1pm.
  Keep Cool Ė Stay Well

Summer Heat Wave 2018: Read our top tips for keeping cool in the sun. Some of them may just seem like common sense, but they can make a big difference to your wellbeing.

Temperatures can sometimes get too high and it can become dangerously hot. You may be particularly at risk if youíre living with a chronic health condition, especially dementia, heart, breathing or mobility problems or if youíre on certain medications.

Keep cool
1. Avoid too much activity, especially at the hottest times of the day (11am to 3pm). Save essential housework or gardening for early morning or late evening.
2. Taking a cool bath or shower, or just splashing cool water over your face and arms, will help you to cool down. A damp cloth on the back of your neck can help too.

Dress for the weather
1. Wear a hat and sunscreen of at least SPF 15 with four or five star UVA protection to protect your skin. Apply sunscreen generously half an hour before going out and then again just before you go into the sun. Reapply it regularly and after youíve been in water.
2. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Choose a pair with a CE mark or statement that they provide 100% UV protection. A wraparound design is best as this can protect your eyes from direct and peripheral sun exposure.
3. Loose-fitting, light-coloured cotton clothes are best for staying cool in hot weather

Stay hydrated
1. Drink more fluids than normal in hot weather. Have cool drinks like water and diluted fruit juice and limit the amount of drinks with caffeine in them (tea, coffee, cola, etc). Avoid excess alcohol and drinks that are high in sugar as these can dehydrate you.
2. Many older people get up frequently in the night to go to the toilet and may reduce the amount they drink before going to bed. Avoid doing this when itís hot as you risk becoming dehydrated.
3. Try to eat cold foods, especially salads and fruits like watermelon as they contain a lot of water.
4. Keep an eye out for the symptoms of dehydration, which can include dizziness, thirst, headaches and tiredness. Ongoing dehydration can lead to urine infections, muscle damage, constipation and kidney stones.

Steps to take around the house.
1. If itís cooler indoors than outdoors, then stay inside. You can help keep your rooms cooler by closing the windows and pulling the curtains to keep the heat out.
2. Buy a good quality electric fan. Make sure itís positioned in a safe place with no trailing wires. Fans can sometimes cause dehydration, so donít point it directly at you and regularly drink water.
3. Turn off non-essential lights and electrical equipment that youíre not using as they can generate heat.
4. If itís still very hot at home, try going to your local library, cinema or other air-conditioned place.
5. If your home is uncomfortably hot, you could contact your local councilís environmental health department and ask them to carry out a home hazard assessment

Know the facts about your medication
1. If you're on medication that affects the amount of fluid you're allowed to drink, get advice from your GP on what to do in hot weather.
2. Some medication can make your skin more sensitive to the sun or affect your body temperature and your ability to cope in hot weather. Talk to your GP or pharmacist about how best to manage this.
3. Store your medication below 25°C or in the fridge. Check the storage instructions on the packaging.

Heat exhaustion is where you become very hot and start to lose water or salt from your body. Symptoms can include:
1. tiredness and weakness
2. feeling and being sick
3. a headache
4. feeling faint or dizzy
5. sweating heavily
6. intense thirst
7. muscle cramps
8. a fast pulse
9. a decrease in blood pressure
10. Urinating less often and having darker urine than usual.

If you have these symptoms, you should go to a cool place, lie down, drink plenty of water and remove any extra layers of clothes. You can also try to cool your skin, for example using wet flannels. If you donít respond to these attempts to cool down within 30 minutes, call 999.

Heatstroke is serious and can develop if heat exhaustion isn't treated. More severe symptoms can include confusion, disorientation, fits and loss of consciousness. Call 999 immediately if anyone shows these symptoms. While waiting for the ambulance, move the person somewhere cool, give them water if they're conscious and shower their skin with cool water or cover them in damp towels.

If you're worried about any health problems or you feel unwell, always contact your GP. You can also contact NHS Direct (111, who can take the details of your symptoms and advise on what to do next Ė whether to call 999 immediately, book an appointment with your GP or visit a pharmacist in your own time. Itís also a good idea to tell friends, family or a neighbour if you're feeling unwell.

  Compliment received 11th May 2018
The following compliment was received from Mr. D of Willenhall: "Thank you for the support that you gave recently with my sister's move. Your encouragement and support enabled my sister to overcome her anxiety of moving. In addition to the support that you gave my sister, I was also appreciative of the advice and assistance you gave to me in arranging quotes for removal, redecoration and flooring of the apartment that my sister now resides in.

I am aware that the support you gave to my sister and myself on this occasion was much more than your professional remit obliged you to undertake. Additionally that the personal commitment that you put into this move far exceeded that, which you are obliged to undertake for clients of Care 2 U. Once again, thank you for your support and positive commitment to ensuring my sister's successful apartment move, without which it would not have happened."

  Compliment received 9th May 2018.
The following compliment was received from Mr M: " Mr M said that it was good that the office kept calling him to keep him up to date with changes to his mother's situation. He has acknowledged how proactive the care manager is with presenting options to improve his mother's comfort and quality of life. He is really pleased with the communication and has confidence with the service. He feels that our team leader is taking an approach that shows a duty of care."
  Compliment received 9th May 2018.

Following compliment was received from Ms B of Bloxwich: "My domestic carer was fantastic. She really helped me to short stuff out and find things I needed, which was a load off my mind. I want her to come back to sort my cupboard and some other things out."
  Compliment received on 7th May 2018

The following compliment was received by Roger Bayliss - One of the relatives of our clients appreciated all of work that Roger had put in helping with a house move. We were informed that the family could not have moved their loved one to a more suitable location without Roger's help. They said that he had been exceptional with the support provided.
Photo   In Remembrance of Lindsay Kolodziej.

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Lindsay Kolodziej. Lindsay was a well-loved member of staff who fought bravely against cancer. She passed away on 5th April 2018. She touched the lives of both staff and service users and will be missed by everyone at Care 2 U Limited.
Photo   MacMillan Brave The Shave Fundraiser

Every household will have either been affected by cancer or know someone who has been affected by this terrible disease. This devastating illness impacts lives daily and blights the lives of both the young and the old.

Estelle Perry, the office admin at Care 2 U, will be braving the shave to raise much needed funds for Macmillan on the 5th of August 2017 and bravely losing all of her hair to help people who are living with cancer.

We would like to encourage you to consider donating to this fantastic cause by sponsoring in cash given to your carer or via the following online link:­shavers/­estelle-perry/­

Your donation could help to fund a support line for someone who is living with cancer or is caring for someone living with cancer, pay for a grant to help someone with cancer heat their homes, run a support centre for a day or go towards funding a Macmillan nurse to help people and their families who are living with cancer.

Even if you can only donate £1, please consider a donation.

Thank you very much for your support.­shavers/­estelle-perry/­
Photo   We are now hiring through Indeed. Please visit our Indeed Career Page.­care-2-u-ltd/­_hl/­en_GB
Photo   15th September 2015

Thank you to everyone who supported the MacMillan Coffee morning today. We raised a fabulous £155 on the day.

Well done to all the winners on the day.

Stacey - Guess the age of the Minion
Lindsay - How many sweets in the jar
Roger - How many dots on the cake
Marie - Guess the millions and thousands
Photo   Happy 50th Birthday to Colett Jarrett, Team Leader in the office on 11th January 2015.

She received lots of gifts and had a wonderful day.

Photo   Congratulation to 3 of our employees who were nominated for training awards this week (6th Nov 2012) with Omega Training Services. Certificates were presented by reporter Jo Malin from Midlands Today.

From left to right
Rajinder Kaur, Abby Sanders and Lindsay Kolodziej.
Photo   Care Fayre 6th September 2012 at the Town Hall in Walsall.

We attended the Care Fayre to promote our company to Service Users in the Walsall Borough.

The day was a big success and enjoyed by all.

In this photo Estelle Perry and Lindsay Kolodziej.
Photo   We currently have the following positions available:

Social Care Workers - full and part time

For an application pack please go to Downloads on this website and you will find the application pack, job description and person specification.

For any more details please click on ask a question on the website and we will get back to you or you can give us a call. 01922 659637.
Photo   CARE 2 U Have Gone High Tech !

iConnect is a revolutionary mobile working solution enabling realtime
communication between care workers and office staff.
Based on the latest Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled
mobile phones, iConnect delivers live schedules and service user information
to care workers, whilst providing verifiable arrival and departure times to office
staff in real time. Itís easy to use, secure and, most importantly, completely
non-intrusive for service users.

What is NFC?
Near Field Communications (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that enables two nearby
devices to communicate with each other Ė similar to Bluetooth Ė and is used with RFID (Radio
Frequency Identification) tagging technology. The NFC functionality in the phone is able to talk
to RFID Ďtagsí placed discreetly in the service users home. This allows iConnect to communicate
with the phone to transmit and receive the required information.

iConnect allows actual arrival and departure
times to be recorded with proof of location as
care workers simply touch their mobile phone
against small Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) tags placed in each service userís home. The data collected is fed back to the rostering
system in real time and updates bookings with actual service delivery information, essential for
the effective management of service delivery and streamlining financial processes. Real-time
alerts for late arrivals allow office staff to be proactive and keep service users informed, whilst
improving lone worker safety.
Photo   Congratulations to Chloe, Theresa, Ruth and Lindsay (from left to right) who took part in Cancer Research UK's Race for Life on Sunday 10th June 2012 at Walsall Arboretum.

Thank you to everyone that made donations and sponsored the girls as they made over £500 between them.

Well done girls!!
Photo   Care 2 U Ltd are all ready for Euro 2012. Good luck England!!
Photo   Care 2 U celebrated the Diamond Jubilee in style by inviting all of the employees to join in the celebration on 1st June 2012. The food went down really well.
Photo   Care 2 U have done a grand job of the information board this year detailing the whole Easter story for all of the employees to enjoy.

The Annual Decorate an Egg Competition is also up and running.

Good luck everyone!!
Photo   Black Country Partnership for Care job event at St Matthews Chuch Hall in Walsall on 16th February 2012.

From left to right, Amanda Spratt from BCPC the Mayor, Grantham Wilkes, Roger Bayliss from Care 2 U, Liz Green from Care 2 U and Deputy Mayoress, Janet Wilkes.

We are pleased to say that Care 2 U Ltd raised £211.05 for Children in Need 2011. Staff and Service Users took part in our Raffle, Name the Bear and also Guess the Amount of Sweets.

Thank you to everyone that took part to raise money for this worthwhile charity.
Photo   EID-UL ADHA 2911

Care 2 U Ltd held a party in the office to celebrate Eid and all staff took part.
Photo   DIWALI

The festival of light celebrated by all the staff at Care 2 U Ltd.

This is one of our Service Users celebrating her 100th Birthday with staff member Jacquellyn Baker.
Leadership and Talent Management Programme for People Who Care

Who is it for?
People in your teams who show the talent and potential to be future leaders and managers. Staff who are about to become leaders and managers for the first time. People who have recently been appointed to their first leadership and management position

What will it do?
Provide skills and training today for leaders and managers of tomorrow.
Left: Roger Bayliss and
Theresa Vickers receive
their certificates
at Aspire to Inspire Programme!
Left: (from left to right)
Colett Jarett, Ruth Gough, Lindsay Kolodziej
are pleased to receive their certificates
at Aspire to Inspire Programme!

Care 2 U have recently launched their new website, designed by West Midlands based company Nutcracker Design and Marketing. Our new website will provide our clients with an insight into the range of services we offer and our commitment to quality in combination with our excellent record. In addition to this the website will keep its visitors up to date with the latest news and developments at Care 2 U.