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Could you Care?
Could you offer the support and care needed to help someone else live a fulfilled and independent life?

Thinking about a Career?
Care 2 U Ltd provides vital care services. Our personal care services help older people, younger adults, people with dementia/Alzeihmer's and people with disabilities making a huge impact on the quality of life for people needing individual personal care at home. Becoming a care worker is a challenging and rewarding career: Helping people of different ages with varying needs and abilities that require help, support and encouragement in doing a range of day-to-day things.

A care worker could be needed to help an older person with doing the things that were once easy, that are now difficult to do.

Care Assistants may be needed to provide practical support and guidance to help people helping them grow and develop their abilities and find their own way through life.

Helping people with disabilities to live independently, with support from a Care Assistant to undertake practical tasks that are difficult to achieve without a helping hand.

Care work involves building relationships, maintaining communication links and providing support to relatives, partners, friends, carers, staff and other care agencies, to ensure the health, social care and welfare of the individuals we care for. A career in care is very rewarding, helps people to have a better quality of life, regain independence, as well as contributing to improving a personís health and well-being but most importantly to retain dignity and choice. Carers often build lasting friendships, and are able to help people get out and about and become involved with activities in the local community, who may otherwise be housebound and alone.