Our Customers

elderly home care A person centred approach is key to all support planning. From the initial referral and enquiry, we provide a Service User information pack detailing information about the company, its products, services and costs.

All referrals to provide care services received either from the Local Authority, Health Care professional or as an individual who wishes to arrange private home care services, are received in the same manner. Whatever the circumstances relating to the referral we will endeavour to provide high quality private home care services that are flexible and responsive. We will apply the same methods and processes to the management of your care. The only difference is that when Social Services contribute or pay towards any or all of the care you receive they participate and have an active role within your support planning and the monitoring of your care. they also provide assessments that have been undertaken prior to receiving care from our company.

Our process of care management
- The initial referral
- Assessment/Support planning
- Risk Assessments
- Agreement of assessments/support planning
- Delivery of agreed care
- Monitoring and reviewing of care




Private home care
elderly home care